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BMW 7-series Review
BMW’s flagship saloon arrives, bigger and brasher than ever before, and with an entire selection of new technology. With its rivals now more emboldened than ever before, can this high-end luxury car conquer the sector and become the luxury saloon to beat?
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BMW 8-Series Convertible Review
BMW brought back the famous 8-series coupe last year, but now the Bavarian giant has given us a full-electric folding soft top to go with it, giving us its most luxurious and dramatic convertible in the firm’s already illustrious history.
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BMW 3 Series Saloon Review
The new BMW 3 Series has been refined to within an inch of its life. There’s no doubting it’s the best in class in virtually every area
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BMW 440i M Sport Gran Coupe Review
BMW ticked a lot of boxes when it launched the 4 Series Gran Coupe. It combines the looks of a sports coupe with the comfort of a saloon and throws in the practicality of a hatchback for good measure. And it recently got even better.
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BMW X7 Review
As big as a country estate, as practical as a van, and as luxurious as a limo. The X7 might be a bit bold for some, but it’s a magnificent motor and just about pulls off the combo.
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